Live online music lessons with the best teachers!

Unizic is the all-in-one online music school, where you can choose your teacher, take your lessons freely and revise thanks to a wide choice of content.

Learn, progress... play!

Unizic is a complete, innovative music learning platform accessible to all. Its community of musicians and teachers enables you to find your ideal teacher, learn and progress at your own pace, wherever you are.

Adapted teaching methods and certified teachers

A community offering a wide choice of talented teachers and professionals, approved by the expertise of an experienced teaching team.

Un suivi et un accompagnement personnalisés

Des outils pour échanger avec son professeur, apprendre plus facilement et progresser en se faisant plaisir : enregistrement du cours, partage de fichiers, outil de chat.

Innovative, reliable technology

An all-in-one platform for learning without constraints: matching tool, integrated video, financial security.

Un choix à la carte, c’est toi qui décide

A flexible offer that lets you choose the frequency and price of your lessons, either by video or at home.

How does it work?

Our aim is to help you find your ideal teacher, according to your level and budget, so that you can practice your favorite instrument in the best possible conditions.


Register on our platform.


Choose your teacher according to your preferences and in complete confidence.


Learn and progress at your own pace, thanks to your teacher and our teaching tools.

Our philosophy

Musical practice is accessible to everyone, with no age limit! Anyone can learn to play an instrument if they devote a minimum amount of time to it.

High-quality pedagogical support

Unizic is a real music school, with recognized teachers and high-quality pedagogical support. Unizic does more than just put students and teachers in touch: we are committed to selecting our teachers, thanks to over 30 years' experience in the field of music learning.

Our experience, as well as numerous studies around the world, have demonstrated the effectiveness of videolearning thanks to an adapted pedagogy.
The reliability of our platform means you can set up a coherent learning project with complete confidence.
Our team is dedicated to guiding and supporting you, day after day.
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